Hino Motors Philippines Corporation, official distributor of Hino Motors, becomes a Marubeni affiliate


  • Hino Motors Philippines Corporation
  • Hino Motors Philippines Corporation

In July 2015, Marubeni acquired an additional 5% share of Philipinas Hino Inc. (“PHI”), the official distributer of Hino Motors, Ltd. (“Hino”) in the Philippines, making the company Marubeni’s affiliate.
Marubeni made a 15% investment in PHI in 1975, and together with Hino and the local partner Professional Managers, Inc. (“PMI”), sells Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines. With the additional 5% acquisition from PMI, Marubeni will have 20% investment in PHO. Due to the change in the investment ratio, PHI will change its name to Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (”HMP”).
In the Philippines, the commercial vehicle market is expanding annually, and a steady growth is expected for the future. With the knowhow accumulated over many years of business in the Philippines, Marubeni will be involved in HMP’s overall management as Hino’s partner, and contribute to the company’s sustainable growth.

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In 2000, Marubeni acquired Gallery Automotive Group, LLC that operates automobile dealerships in Boston, U.S. The business has expanded since, and the company currently operates six dealerships. The company’s relationship with BMW, the major brand in the dealership, has been enhanced following Marubeni’s involvement, with new BMW and MINI dealers opening at the end of 2014. The business is showing steady performance.
Marubeni has been conducting U.S. dealership operations since 1989, and will work toward continuous growth in the automotive business in North America.

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In 2000, Marubeni acquired a 100% stake in PLM Trailer Leasing Co., Ltd., a prominent specialized refrigeration and freezing trailer leasing and rental company in the U.S., with 27 bases throughout the country. This company’s name was later changed to MAC Trailer Leasing, Inc. Offering a wide range of trailer types, MAC Trailer Leasing provides fine-tuned services catering to the needs of customers including food product manufacturers, logistics companies, and supermarket and restaurant chains. This company’s fleet consists of more than 6,000 trailers, and is thus capable of responding to demand for long-term trailer leasing and short-term trailer rental. MAC Trailer Leasing also conducts a wide range of other services, including trailer maintenance, GPS-powered trailer location and temperature monitoring, consulting, and contract operation of other companies’ trailers. Going forward, MAC Trailer Leasing will improve the quality of its services and strengthen its functions in order to expand its operations as a comprehensive refrigeration and freezing trailer fleet manager.

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