International Contribution and Exchange

Marubeni engages in contribution activities for the international community, including personnel ex-changes, with a focus on support through scholarships and donations overseas.

Overseas Scholarship Funds

To support the development of young people in emerging economies, Marubeni has set up scholarship funds, mainly in the ASEAN region. The first such scholarship program was launched in the Philippines in 1989 and followed by programs in Vietnam in 1994 and Indonesia in 1999. As for the 2000s, Marubeni jointly established a scholarship program with its group company Cia. Iguaçu de Café Solúvel in Brazil in 2006. In the following year, Cambodian and Laotian programs were launched as part of the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of Marubeni. In recent years, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its Yangon Branch, and as a part of its social contribution to Myanmar, Marubeni established a fund of US$ 300,000 for the Marubeni Myanmar Scholarship Program in 2012. In 2017, scholarships were awarded in India. At the first awarding ceremony in March, 100 students selected from 1,900 applicants across India were granted scholarships.
Marubeni’s activity to support the education and development of young people in emerging economies has expanded to eight countries since 1989. Every year, we provide support to meet the local communities’ needs in line with each country’s educational situation, including scholarships for students from elementary through to university level and material assistance such as PCs and stationery supplies.

Marubeni’s Overseas
Scholarship Funds
Aggregate Amount
($US thousands)
Marubeni Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (Philippines)1,050
Marubeni Educational Fund in Vietnam 730
Yayasan Beasiswa Marubeni (Indonesia)550
Marubeni-Café Iguaçu Scholarship Fund (Brazil)500
Marubeni Cambodia Educational Foundation200
Marubeni Educational Foundation in Lao PDR200
Marubeni Myanmar Scholarship Program300
Total 3,530

The Marubeni India Meritorious scholarship Program(India)80*

* Contribution amount for 2017. Unit: US$ 1,000

Donations for Areas Struck by Disasters

Marubeni provides monetary support to regions that have suffered tremendous damage due to natural disasters.

Disaster Donations Made by Marubeni since January 2017

July 2017 Heavy rain damage in northern Kyusyu JPY 5 million
September 2017 Hurricane damage of southern United States USD USD 150 thousand
Hurricane damage of southeast United States USD 30 thousand
Earthquake in southern and central Mexico MXN 300 thousand
December 2017 Hurricane damage in southern Philippines JPY 3 million

Activity in Various Countries

Internship Programs for Overseas Students

Marubeni accepts overseas students under its internship programs. During the year ended March 31, 2017, a total of 26 overseas students from Changchun City Youth Federation of China, All-China Youth Federation, National Mineral Resources University of Russia, Sabanci University of Turkey, and École Nationale d'Administration (ENA) of France visited the company.

Social Contribution Efforts in Collaboration with Qatar University

  • Presentation ceremony for an encyclopedia on Japan in Arabic at Doha in November 2013Presentation ceremony for an encyclopedia on Japan in Arabic at Doha in November 2013
  • In July 2016, Qatar University students visited the Qatar Embassy in Japan during their internship at MarubeniIn July 2016, a Qatar University student visited the Qatar Embassy in Japan during his internship at Marubeni

In April 2012, Marubeni agreed to and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Qatar University regarding the donation of US$ 6 million in total over a 5-year period. Using this donation, Marubeni will cooperate with Qatar University to plan and perform projects that contribute to Qatari society, particularly in regards to culture and education.
In line with the MOU, Qatar’s first Arabic language encyclopedia on Japan was published in November 2013. It was created for the purpose of promoting deeper and wider understanding of Japan among young Qatari people. The encyclopedias were delivered to local elementary, junior and senior high schools through the support of Qatar University.
In addition, eight students in April 2014, and five in April 2015 came to Japan from Qatar University for cultural exchanges. They visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hiroshima and deepened their understanding of Japanese culture.
In November 2015, a reception for introducing the lecturers of Marubeni-sponsored courses, which began in September 2014, was held at Qatar University with the attendance of University Vice President Dr. Mazen Hasna and Japan’s Ambassador Tsuda. The sponsored courses will continue through September 2017.
In February 2015, a cultural exchange event focusing on Japanese traditional sweets and the tea ceremony was held in Qatar. Toraya Confectionery Co., Ltd. and University of Tokyo Tea Ceremony Club were invited from Japan, and gave demonstrations on sweets-making and tea ceremony procedures. The presentation of Japanese culture through food helped people to better understand Japan.
Activities in 2016 include an animation workshop held in February , the 3rd Japan Cultural Visit (cultural exchange) in April, and the arrival of one student from Qatar University in July, who came to Japan for an internship.

Toyota Ghana’s Activities

  • Presentation of operation kits at Korle Bu Teaching HospitalPresentation of operation kits at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital
  • A well donated to the local communityA well donated to the local community
  • Installation of road signs for safe drivingInstallation of road signs for safe driving

Toyota Ghana Co., Ltd. is a Toyota car dealer established in 1998 with 100% investment from Marubeni. The company is working to improve customer satisfaction in both sales/marketing and customer service. At the Toyota Africa Agency Conference held in Dubai in February 2016, Toyota Ghana won the “2015 Toyota Overall Diamond Award” which is the top honor for overall performance in sales and services.
The company also carries out community-based CSR activities, focusing on the four areas of education, environment, healthcare, and traffic safety. In particular, education and healthcare are considered country-wide important issues, and Toyota Ghana provides educational materials to schools etc., as well as internships for University of Ghana students. In the environment area, the company has donated wells to local communities in rural areas with no water supply systems, while also promoting tree planting activities. Furthermore, in the traffic safety area which is closely related to the company’s business, Toyota Ghana has supported safe driving for a long time through installation of road signs.
As the result of all of these activities, Toyota Ghana is well regarded with a high ranking in “The Ghana Club 100 (GC100),” a listing of leading companies selected by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC).

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