Basic Policy and System for Social Contribution Activities

Through its CSR activities, Marubeni aims to build a better relationship with society, based on coexistence, and to become an organization trusted by all stakeholders.
In the field of social contribution, Marubeni recognized the need to take responsibility for creating bonds with society, and contributing, in particular, to the needs of local communities. To this end, we formulated the Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities in January 2006.
Marubeni also set up a Volunteer Promotion Team to heighten awareness of social contribution through volunteer activities, and deepen the understanding of Marubeni as a good corporate citizen. The team works with NGOs and NPOs, and plans and manages volunteer activities with employee participation. In tandem, the Company has also introduced the Volunteer Leave System (five days per year) to support employees who wish to participate in volunteer activities.

Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities

Basic Principle

In the spirit of “Fairness, Innovation, and Harmony,” and being aware of our responsibility as a corporate citizen in the global community, we will actively pursue social contribution activities.

Basic Policy for Activities

From a universal perspective, we will adopt the following five priority areas: social welfare, international exchange, community contribution, global environment, and cultural support. We will also actively promote social contribution activities as a corporation, and support volunteer activities conducted by our executives and employees.

Specific Activity Policies

Based on the Basic Principle and the Basic Policy for Activities, we have established the following specific policies, and are engaged in social contribution activities across the entire Marubeni Group.

  1. Social Welfare
    Marubeni engages in a broad range of activities such as disaster relief, primarily through its support of the Marubeni Foundation, a social welfare corporation.
  2. International Exchange
    Marubeni engages in contribution activities for the international community, including personnel exchanges, with a focus on support through scholarships and donations overseas.
  3. Community Contribution
    Marubeni supports development activities and clean-up activities in local communities, focusing on volunteer activities conducted by its executives and employees.
  4. Global Environment
    In addition to its concern for the environmental impact of its business activities, Marubeni actively supports general environmental preservation.
  5. Cultural Support
    In addition to its cultural contributions through the Marubeni Collection, Marubeni extensively supports various cultural activities.
  6. Employee Support
    Marubeni supports volunteer activities in which employees can participate and keeps employees informed about such activities. We also continually try to improve and expand systems required for such activities, such as the Volunteer Leave System.

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