Global Environment & Regional Contributions

Activity in the Field of Global Environment

Mt. Fuji Clean-up Activities

Since 2009, Marubeni, in collaboration with non-profit organization Fujisan Club, is conducting annual clean-up activities on Mt. Fuji.
In 2016, approximately 100 volunteers comprising Marubeni Group employees, their families, friends, and others participated in the eighth annual clean-up around the foot of Mt. Fuji. As a result of their efforts, the total amount of trash retrieved weighed a total 1,830 kg. While conservation issues cannot be solved overnight, Marubeni will continue its efforts as the Marubeni Group going forward.
The aims of this program are considered to be both environmental conservation and international exchange, and Marubeni, as a result of calls made through the Foundation of Corporate Friendship Network for Foreign Students, saw Vietnamese, Chinese and Iranian exchange students participate this year.

Okutama Forest Thinning Volunteer Experience

Beginning in 2006, Marubeni, in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment and non-profit organization ECOK (an environmental learning and research association), has been conducting annual forest thinning activities in the Kaminariki Forest Conservation Area in Ome City, Tokyo Prefecture. In 2016, a total of approximately 60 volunteers comprising Marubeni Group employees, their families and friends participated in the 11th annual tree thinning volunteer activity. The activities have been established as one of the Marubeni Group's participatory type of volunteer activities, with the experience this time including the planting of trees for the first time.

[Forest thinning]
As trees like Japanese cedar and cypress that have been planted for their use as wood but have been left to grow without being maintained, sunlight is unable to reach the undergrowth, allowing for conditions that cause landslides. Forest thinning is the activity of removing the amount of trees in mountainous forests.

Adopt-a-Forest - Marubeni Forest

  • Installation of “Marubeni no Mori” sign

In November 2016, 43 Marubeni Group executives, employees and members of their families, under the direction of the NPO “Kounoyama Conservation Club”, helped to thin the bamboo in the “Marubeni Forest” on Kounoyama in Kishiwada City, Osaka prefecture.
The Marubeni Osaka branch supports the Adopt-a-Forest activities to protect forest areas that have been abandoned and are no longer being managed, and to promote the conversion to hardwood forests. In December 2011 a “Marubeni Forest” declaration was signed in cooperation with the Kounoyama Conservation Club in Kishiwada City, Osaka, which was the basis for the activities this time.

Local Volunteer Activities

The executives and employees of Marubeni Group companies participate in a variety of volunteer activities in the local regions that support our daily operations, including promotional and clean-up activities. In addition to the areas around the Tokyo Head Office, there are clean-up activities being conducted mainly through volunteer activity by the Marubeni branches and Group companies.

Participation in the Kanda Matsuri Festival

  • Participation in the Kanda Matsuri Ffestival

Every year in May, volunteers assemble to carry the mikoshi shrines for the Tokyo Kanda Matsuri. This is an activity that contributes to the local community and supports the continuation of traditional culture. Volunteers from the offices in the Otemachi and Marunouchi area gather each year, and in recent years, about 400 executives and employees from the Marubeni Group have participated.

Chiyoda Volunteer Club

  • Marubeni choral club at a New year partyMarubeni choral club at a New year party

The Tokyo Head Office is a member of the Chiyoda Volunteer Club, an organization run by the Chiyoda Ward Council of Social Welfare. Employees participate in activities that are introduced by the Chiyoda Volunteer Center, with a matching donation from the company of JPY 1,000 for each hour of activity by each volunteer. So far, the activities have included cleaning of photographs recovered from the disaster areas in the Tohoku region, and presentation of choral concerts at facilities for the elderly in Chiyoda Ward.

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