Social Welfare

As a member of society, Marubeni actively assists activities for social welfare facilities and organizations through the Marubeni Foundation, a social welfare corporation, and contributes donations to areas that have been devastated by disasters.

Marubeni Foundation Activities

Marubeni Foundation Activities

The Marubeni Foundation was established in 1974. In the following year, it started a tradition of providing annual donations of ¥100 million to aid welfare facilities and organizations across Japan, which it has continued. As of 2017, this private foundation has given a total of 2,484 grants totaling ¥4.3 billion in support of a wide range of charity and aid programs.
In 2017, the foundation received grant applications from 525 welfare programs, 59 of which were selected to receive funding. For this fiscal year’s grants, we picked out many support projects such as food banks and children’s food service projects for a cooperative community for the elderly, disabled, and needy people. Furthermore, as pioneering attempts, we selected a project that aims for an integrated management of welfare for the disabled and nursing care insurance services, and a project on robotic suits to assist nursing care.
Funding for the grants includes income from investment of contributions from Marubeni, and contributions from the 100 Yen Club, consisting of concerned present and former executives and employees who make fixed monthly donations in multiples of 100 yen, with matching contributions by Marubeni.

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Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Aid

Employee Participation Activities

Since being founded in 1974, the Marubeni Foundation has been engaged in social contribution activities for more than 40 years. In 1995 an activity called “The 100 Yen Club” was started, in which current and former employees and executives of the Marubeni Group pledge to make monthly donations in 100-yen increments. This is one of ways that many group employees have participated in Marubeni Foundation activities. From 2015, Group employee volunteers have been invited to participate in the ceremonies to present the Foundation grants, which were previously conducted by Foundation personnel and local executives. In 2016 more than 100 employees participated. Feedback from participants included comments like “Being able to see where the donations are actually being used made me realize the true significance of volunteer activities” Working with the Group employees, the activities of the Marubeni Foundation will continue to expand.

Activity with Grant Organizations

Blueberry Gathering

In August 2017, Marubeni held a blueberry gathering event at a farm run by NPO Bunka Gakushu Kyodo Network, in which the social welfare corporation Marubeni Foundation offers grants.
The NPO comes and sells bread at the Tokyo Head Office. Their job training program helps youths who have experienced social withdrawal go back to social life by making and selling bread.
The farm produces various ingredients for the breads such as wheat and sweet potatoes. The harvesting season for blueberries arrived, and the farm wanted some help. On the day, about 40 Marubeni Group employees and members of their families gathered to help pick blueberries.

Activity in the Field of Social Welfare

TABLE FOR TWO–A Social Contribution Program

  • The TFT lunch at the cafeteria in the Tokyo Head Office

Tokyo Head Office runs the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) program at the staff cafeteria.
The TFT program provides a way for we who live in advanced countries with plentiful diets to share our food across time and space with children living in developing countries plagued by famine. When employees purchase a healthy menu item that is part of the program, ¥20 is donated towards school meals for children in developing countries. This amount is roughly equivalent to the cost of one school meal. The TFT program meals are made according to special healthy standards so that the program helps the diners at the cafeteria to stay healthy too.
Marubeni also contributed to the TFT program by matching the donations collected from employees. As a result, purchasing one TFT meal enables the program to supply two school meals. As of the end of January 2017, total donations amounted to approximately ¥3.6 million including the matching contribution from Marubeni. This sum equates to school meals for approximately 180,000 children.

“Everybody Cut Material” Activity

  • Everybody Cut Material” Activity

Marubeni is a partner of the “Minnade Nuno Chokkin (Everybody Cut Material)” program organized by the specified NPO Caring for Young Refugees (CYR). For 2016, activities were held by individuals as well as at Marubeni offices (including two overseas offices) and 12 group company locations resulting in the collection of materials for 440 balls and 120 dolls. The collected materials were sent along with a monetary donation from Marubeni Group.

[About “Minnade Nuno Chokkin (Everybody Cut Material)”]
Supporters cut out material for stuffed toys according to the pattern, and send them to Cambodia along with some donations. Instead of sending finished products, by having them manufactured locally, it creates an opportunity for impoverished women to make cash earnings. The program also aims to develop human resources by training teachers with ways to play with the produced toys.

Blood Drives

In Japan, as the birthrate declines and society ages, the number of people able to donate blood decreases while the number of elderly patients requiring transfusions increases, leading to increasingly serious blood shortages nationwide. For many years Marubeni has been conducting blood drives twice a year, with about 200 employees participating each year. During the week before the blood donations are collected employees are encouraged to participate, including the offer of special menu choices at the company cafeterias to support blood donation.
These efforts are being noticed. In July 2016 Marubeni was awarded the Japanese Red Cross Society Golden Order of Merit at the 52nd National Blood Donation Promotion Campaign Meeting.

Collection of Unsent Postcards and Used Stamps

The Marubeni Group collects unsent postcards (unsent because the sender has made a mistake) and used stamps from employees, and donates them to different organizations. The postcards were donated to CARE International Japan, which supports the independence of women and children in Asia and Africa, while the used stamps were donated to the Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP), which promotes international cooperation for health education as well as maternal and pediatric health in developing countries.

Clothing Donation Campaign

The Marubeni Group runs a campaign to collect unwanted clothing from its employees and their families to assist developing countries and areas struck by disaster. The collected clothing is donated to various places through the Japan Relief Clothing Center (JRCC).

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