Initiatives that Create Value for Both Society and Marubeni

Sustainable Forest ManagementMarch, 2014

The forest area throughout the world began to decline rapidly in the 20th century. Forests provide a variety of functions, such as environmental conservation, biodiversity conservation, erosion control, and watershed conservation. These functions play important roles in our daily lives. Sustainable forest management is of the utmost importance as it helps ensure that forests can continue to provide these functions.

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    Global Forest Resources Assessment 2010, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2010 / Forest Partnership Platform

Marubeni’s Initiatives-Sustainable Forest Plantation Businesses

The Marubeni Group is currently developing sustainable forest plantation businesses* in three countries: Australia, Indonesia, and China. Marubeni conducts these businesses not by harvesting natural forests but planting the sites not related to the violation of lives and livelihood of local communities. We adopt a cyclical planting system organized into rotation period with fast-growing species; eucalyptus, acacia, and other broadleaf trees. Through this procedure, we maintain a stable supply of material of pulp and paper (woodchips), while at the same time practicing sustainable management.

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*Sustainable forest plantation businesses:
To ensure forest plantation businesses are sustainable, we conduct successive rotations. For example, rotation period begins when a new forest stand is established and ends after eight years in case of species harvested at age eight. After the first year’s establishment is harvested in the ninth year, its site will be reforested for a sustainable cycle.


WA Plantation Resources Pty. Ltd. (WAPRES) operates woodfibre production chain - its seed orchard, nursery, managed plantations and wood chipping facilities in Western Australia as Marubeni Group. WAPRES’s forest management and procedure in manufacturing and distribution are certified to Forest Management certification*1 and Chain of Custody certification*2 by the independent forest certification bodies.
Going forward, the Marubeni Group will continue to manage the supply chain for manufacturing pulp and paper in a sustainable manner.

*1. Forest Management certification
Forest Management certification is awarded to forest managers or owners whose management practices meet the requirements of the Principles and Criteria of the independent third-party organization.
*2. Chain of Custody certification
Chain of Custody certification applies to manufacturers, processors and traders of certified forest products. It verifies certified material and products along the production chain.

<Initiatives that Create Value for Both Society and Marubeni>

Marubeni’s Initiatives
Sustainable Forest Plantation Businesses
Value for society
・Protecting the various functions of forests, such as environmental conservation and biodiversity and erosion control
Value for Marubeni
・Securing a stable supply of materials of pulp and paper (woodchips) ・Conducting sustainable forest product and woodchip businesses

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