Initiatives that Create Value for Both Society and Marubeni

Development Support in AfricaMarch, 2014

Attention Garnering African Countries

Recently, the economies of African countries have been growing at a rapid pace by leveraging the strengths born out of their plentiful natural resources and large populations. Nevertheless, Africa remains the most impoverished region in the world, and several regions still face much adversity in forms such as armed conflicts. In expanding its African operations, Marubeni realizes the immense importance of helping to raise the standard of living for the local populace while simultaneously constructing foundations for further economic development.

Marubeni’s Initiatives-Rehabilitation of Textile Factories in Angola

  • Textile factory in Luanda

After a prolonged period of civil war that lasted up to 2002, the Republic of Angola found itself in urgent need of a drastic restoration plan to revive its devastated industries.

Marubeni has won a contract for a restoration project from Angola’s Ministry of Industry to rehabilitate damaged, large-scale textile factories in the three cities of Luanda, Dondo, and Benguela. Under this project, we are working to return these factories to a state of operability, utilizing their existing facilities to the greatest extent possible. Specifically, we install state-of-the-art equipment, including spinning, weaving (knitting), dyeing and sewing machines, as well as utilities such as on-site power generation and water treatment facilities. Angola has previously met all of its textile needs through imports. However, when completed, this project will enable the country to domestically produce and distribute various textile products, such as fabric for uniforms and shits, polo shirts, linen and denim materials. This project is expected to contribute to the revival of Angola’s textile industry as well as the cotton producing segment of its agricultural industry.

After these factories have been completely restored, they will provide employment opportunities for approximately 3,500 people in Angola. For their smooth operation, we are providing training for local employees by supervising the factory operation and transferring maintenance technologies, and also improving the work environment such as installing cafeterias.

<Initiatives that Create Value for Both Society and Marubeni>

Marubeni’s Initiatives
Rehabilitation of Textile Factories in Angola
Value for society
・Restoring Angola’s textile and cotton industries, which had been devastated by civil war ・Enabling textile products, previously procured entirely through imports, to be produced domestically ・Creating local employment opportunities ・Transferring Japanese technologies to Angola
Value for Marubeni
・Creating and expanding plant-related business opportunities in Angola ・Expanding from Angola to create business opportunities in other Sub-Saharan regions

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