Initiatives that Create Value for Both Society and Marubeni

Resolution of Energy IssuesMarch, 2014

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, there was a rise in interest regarding the diversification of energy sources and renewable energy. Renewable energy sources, such as wind, geothermal, solar, and hydro power, are of particular interest as they emit minimal amounts of CO2, a cause of global warming, and do not deplete finite resources. For these reasons, renewable energy can make strong contributions to preserving the global environment.

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Marubeni’s Initiatives-Micro-Hydro Power Generation by Mibugawa Power Company

The term “micro-hydro power generation” is used to refer to small-scale hydro power generation operations with output of less than 1,000kW. These operations do not require the use of dams or other facilities that entail large-scale construction projects, but rather generate power by utilizing streams or agricultural irrigation canals. The environmental impact of such operations is low. Moreover, micro-hydro power generation can help regional societies develop more independently as these technologies enable them to generate their own power using their own water resources.

Marubeni positions micro-hydro power generation as an important business area, and it thus began conducting operations in this area through Group company Mibugawa Power Company during 2006. We currently operate the following micro-hydro power generation facilities.

  • Producing Power Locally: Mibugawa Power Company
  • Micro-hydro power station (Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
Facility Location Annual
generation volume
Mibugawa Power Station No. 3 Ina City,
Nagano Prefecture
Mibugawa Power Station No. 4 Ina City,
Nagano Prefecture
Tateshina Power Station &
Tateshina Power Station No.2
Chino City,
Nagano Prefecture
Hokuto City - Murayamarokkamuraseki - Waterfarm Hokuto City,
Yamanashi Prefecture

Marubeni is actively working to develop eco-friendly renewable energy sources throughout Japan. Accordingly, we have set the goal of creating approximately 30 micro-hydro power generation facilities within Japan by 2020.

<Initiatives that Create Value for Both Society and Marubeni>

Marubeni’s Initiatives
Micro-Hydro Power Generation by Mibugawa Power Company
Value for society
・Contributing to global warming prevention ・Enabling necessary electricity to be generated locally ・Utilizing untapped local resources
Value for Marubeni
・Creating and utilizing renewable energy business opportunities ・Strengthening relationships with local governments and other stakeholders

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