Marubeni Awarded Brunei's First Combined Cycle Power Station

Apr. 28. 2005
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation has been awarded a contract for the Bukit Panggal Combined Cycle Power Station, Tutong, Phase 1, with a total output of 110 MW by the Ministry of Development, through the Department of Electrical Services Brunei Darussalam (DES) with General Electric Company (GE), the largest gas turbine manufacturer in the world. The total contract amount is about JPY 10 billion. The scope of work of the  contract or consists of Engineering, Procurement and Construction  on a full turnkey basis. GE supplies gas turbines, steam turbines and generators, while Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation supplies the Balance of the Plant  including heat recovery steam generators air-cooled condenser, Distributed Control System and other electrical auxiliary equipment. The planned completetion datefor the project is July 2007, and the project is entirely funded by   DES.

This project is the first combined cycle power station in Brunei, which is expected to become the center of the power generation in Brunei. This power station is composing the state-of-the art equipment which was designed with special consideration being given to better efficiency and environmental protectionthan those of conventional thermal power stations. The heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) generates hot  and high pressure steam by using the heat emitted from the gas turbines and feeds this steam to the steam turbine, which generates additional power effectively.

In Brunei, the leadership taken by the government in promoting national development is being transferred to the private sector under the eighth National Development Policy that is effective from 2001 to 2005. The country is required to promote economic diversity by making good use of its abundant oil and natural gas resourses. Consequently, this project is ranked as an important initiative under the abovementioned policy in providing measures that resolve the issues associated with the existing aged power stations and increase ofpower demands in Brunei. Marubeni submitted its proposal in June 2003 and was awarded as the contractor of the project in April 2005

Marubeni consecutively won bids for big power projects in Brunei following the 100-MW Gadong  simple cycle power station includingthe power transmission line and conversional facilities on a full turnkey basiswhich Marubeni was also awarded as a contractor in 2000 and completed in 2003.

Marubeni’s total installed capacity in Brunei power market will become more than 50 percent of the total installed power output of  Brunei  and 70 percent of the actual operating rate upon Marubeni’s completetion of this Project

The above figures shows the fact that Marubeni is highly esteemed by the customer in Brunei from the view point of project management ability, which has been acquired through a plenty of power projects experience in the world and good reputation and relationships, which have been built up through the execution of the previous Gadong Project in Brunei.e.i .

Taking advantage of this award,Marubeni intends to  putits intense effort intothis nation in order to win the future contracts for phases 2, 3, and 4, each of which is expected to bea 200 MW class power station.

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