Signing of Memorandum for Business Expansion with Ukraine

Aug. 15. 2005
Marubeni Coporation

Marubeni Corporation recently had a top level meeting with political leaders of Ukraine who were visiting Japan as official guests with Ukraine President Yushchenko, and signed a memorandum for mutual cooperation.

Ukraine, under the strong leadership of President Yushchenko, has been increasingly promoting democratization and the transition to a market economy in an aim to become WTO and EU members.  The signing of this memorandum represents the strong expectation placed upon Marubeni’s contribution to the nation’s economic development.

[Content of the Memorandum]

Marubeni will utilize its wealth of business experience in various nations worldwide and cooperate in infrastructure development and agriculture.  In infrastructure development, Marubeni will contribute to such areas as airport, railway, highway, bridge and other transportation infrastructure development; modernization of power plants and oil and gas distribution networks; coal mine methane gas recovery business with an eye to acquiring emissions credits; telecommunications infrastructure development and promotion of IT progress.  In agriculture, Marubeni will collaborate in expanding exports of grains and improving the software aspects related to logistics.

The Ukraine side highly evaluates the activities Marubeni has conducted to date.  In this collaboration, it says it will designate a Ukrainian representative for each separate project and follow up on the progress status so that projects advance smoothly.

[Specific Projects]

Borispol Airport (Kiev), the nation’s largest international airport, has seen rapid growth in the number of passengers in line with EU expansion and development of the Ukrainian economy and is faced with the urgent task of expanding the passenger terminal for international routes to accommodate this growth.  This year, the Japanese Government decided to provide the first yen loan to Ukraine for airport expansion plans.  Marubeni has a track record with airport expansion operations in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and intends to be proactively involved in this collaboration as well by making effective use of this experience.

Concerning the area of environment, Marubeni has indicated plans to collect methane gases emitting from coalmines and use these for power generation.  Ukraine, however, has actually requested for Marubeni’s contribution in not only the environmental aspect of reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also in the aspect of promoting safety measures against explosions that are all too familiar to coal mines.

In the area of agriculture, Marubeni initiated Japan’s first import of barley and other feed grains produced in Ukraine in 2002.  Ukraine has placed expectations on Marubeni’s cooperation in regards to ongoing expansion of exports to Asia as well and Marubeni is studying its feasibility.  In addition, concerning the logistics system for grains, Marubeni will offer the know-how it has cultivated in Japan, the U.S., Brazil and elsewhere.

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