Beginning of woodchip import from own plantation in New Zealand

Oct. 13. 2005
Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.、Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd.、Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd.、Marubeni Corporation

New Zealand Plantation Forest Company Limited (NZPF), a joint afforestation establishment in the Whangarei district of New Zealand, formed by Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd., Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd. and Marubeni Corporation, will commence their first shipment of woodchips.

NZPF has planted Acacia trees since 1997, completing 2,500 hectares so far and will be continuing to expand area targeting 10,000 hectares of plantation in total. At present, 40,000 tons of trees will be harvested annually, and will increase harvest volume according to the expansion of plantation area. All harvested trees will be produced into woodchips, and sold to Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd., Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd. through Marubeni Corporation. The first shipment from NZPF will be loaded onto M/V SHIN SENDAI in mid-October for Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co, Ltd., with woodchips formed from trees planted in 1997-98 period, and delivered to the Nomachi Mill. Hereafter, Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd. and Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd. will follow their first shipments from NZPF. Each company will be their first experience in using woodchips produced from their own Plantation.

  1. Company name          New Zealand Plantation Forest Company Limited
  2. Address                    Auckland, New Zealand
  3. Establishment date      October 2, 1997
  4. Scope of business       Afforestation, Production and sales of woodchips
  5. Capital                      NZ$9,000,000
  6. Investment ratios        Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.  30%

Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd.        30%

Marusumi Paper Co., Ltd.        30%

Marubeni Corporation              8%

Marubeni New Zealand Ltd.       2%

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