Marubeni Supplies Venezuela National Railways with a Rolling Stock Maintenance workshop, a depot facilities and Related Railway Systems in Addition to Existing Construction

Nov. 2. 2005
Marubeni Corporation

As a part of an international consortium with Italian and Venezuelan companies, Marubeni Corporation is currently working on the first phase of a 40-kilemeter national railway construction (AC 25 kV electrified line) to connect Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, with Cua City, a neighboring satellite city. In July 2004, the consortium signed a contract for an additional rolling stock maintenance workshop, a depot facilities and related railway systems concerning the same project. The additional contract has now officially taken effect.

As part of the project, a test run on a portion of the first-phase section will start in late 2006. The entire section will be ready for service in early 2007.

The additional construction involves a rolling stock maintenance workshop, depot facilities and related railway systems that are required for the operation of the first-phase section and regular maintenance of the rolling stock. Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. provides the main facilities, namely the rolling stock maintenance workshop and depot. In addition, additional apparatuses of a signal system, a telecommunication system and service facilities of stations are also delivered. The additional construction costs a total of nearly 500 million dollars, including engineering works. Marubeni handles a portion of the Japanese side that is worth nearly 150 million dollars. The project is partly funded by a buyer’s credit from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation and city banks. Nippon Export and Investment Insurance underwrites Export Credit Insurance (insurance covering the loans) for the loans from the city banks.

As a part of an international consortium with Italian and Venezuelan companies, Marubeni signed a contract with Venezuela National Railways to provide construction for the first-phase section of the double-tracked electrified railway in 1992. Work under the contract is currently being performed. The recent order for additional work is the result of the high marks earned by Marubeni’s equipment procurement and management ability demonstrated in the company’s railway projects together with the superiority of the design technologies, experience and past performance of Kawasaki Plant Systems, Ltd. and other signal and communication manufacturers.

A plan to construct a 4,000-kilometer national railway is underway in Venezuela. Marubeni’s active commitment to the construction of the Venezuelan railway will continue.

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