Acquisition of Finance Leasing Company in the U.S.

Jan. 18. 2007
Marubeni America Corporation、Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni America Corporation (“MAC”) has entered into the finance leasing industry in the United States with the launch of a new subsidiary, CoActiv Capital Partners LLC (“CCP”), retaining the employees and most of the lease assets of Partners Equity Capital Company (“PECC”).

The Marubeni Group has identified the leasing and financial services industry as one of its strategic segments in the new mid-term business plan, “G” PLAN and will expand the leasing business by focusing on vendor finance lease programs to medical equipment and office technology manufacturers, and outsourcing small ticket leasing services to U.S. banks, areas in which PECC is specialized.   In the U.S., the general equipment lease market has new leasing demand of over $50 billion annually.

The former PECC management team, most of which grew the leasing business rapidly as part of the management team at the leasing subsidiary of Tokai Bank in the 90’s, has extensive experience in providing finance programs to Japanese manufacturers in the U.S. and outsourcing services to U.S. banks.  This experience, together with the Marubeni Group’s extensive business network, industry relationships, and financial backing, will enable CCP to expand its leasing assets to about $300 million within two years.

The Marubeni Group has established its operating lease operations such as refrigerated trailer leasing, auto leasing, and freight railcar leasing in the U.S. and will broaden and expand its stable revenue base by diversifying its lease portfolio and stepping its long term lease assets up with the full-sale entry to the vendor finance leasing segment for small ticket equipment.

Company Profile
Name   :  CoActiv Capital Partners LLC
Address  :  655 Business Center Drive, Horsham PA 19044 USA
C. E. O.   :  Donald P. Campbell
# of employees  :  45
Business Description
Vendor finance leasing program to the medical equipment and office technology manufacturers
Outsourcing small ticket leasing services to U.S. banks
Major Vendors  :  Panasonic Broadcast, OKI Data

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