Marubeni acquired a Wood Chip Biomass-Fueled Power Plant in USA

Nov. 29. 2007
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) today announced that through Marubeni Sustainable Energy, Inc. (a 100% subsidiary) it has purchased 16 megawatts (MW) wood chip biomass-fueled power plant located in Springfield, New Hampshire, USA.  The plant had been operated by Hemphill Power & Light Company.

The purchase of the 16 MW plant again confirms Marubeni’s value-focused acquisition strategy to acquire and develop clean, renewable power in its growing North American portfolio.  Marubeni already owns and operates 2 wood chip biomass-fueled power plants in North America, one of which is 18MW located in Fairhaven, California and the other is 16MW located in Whitefield, New Hampshire.  By this acquisition, the electric generating capacity of wood chip biomass-fueled power plants owned and operated by Marubeni has become approx. 50 MW.

Marubeni believes that its experience and expertise at the Whitefield power plant, a “sister” plant of Springfield facility located approx. 100 km away from Whitefield, enables it to achieve operation with high efficiency.  By installing new equipment at the Springfield facility, Marubeni will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 70% annually.

In USA, the RPS legislation is put in effect in 24 states to promote renewable energy.  Organic materials such as wood waste and forest residue are gathered and burned at biomass power plants.  This renewable energy process is environmentally friendly to reduce green house gas (GHG), producing fewer emissions per unit of fuel burned than produced if such organic materials were incinerated or left to burn or decay in the forest.

Marubeni aims to expand its renewable energy portfolio as well as energy supply business through distributed generation facilities.

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