Marubeni to make issued carbon credit deal through Carbon Credit Trading Platform

Nov. 30. 2007
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation(‘’Marubeni’’)announced today that they have made the world’s first small lot and spot deal of issued carbon credit defined by the Kyoto Protocol.

Japan Bank for International Cooperation(‘’JBIC’’) and Japan Institute for Overseas Investment(’’JOI’’)have launched Carbon Credit Trading Platform on the 1stof Nov in order to facilitate carbon credit market in Japan with a background that the carbon credit demand for small lot in Japan will grow in the near future.
This platform is the browse site that posts carbon credit project information and carbon credit market information.

On the 15th of Nov ,International Transaction Log(‘’ITL’’)system in operation started. ITL system links the UNFCCC(United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) with Japanese National Registry.
As a result, it became possible for Marubeni to transfer the issued carbon credit from pending account in CDM Registry to Marubeni’s account in Japanese National Registry and deliver carbon credit in Japan.
On the 26th of Nov, Marubeni provided issued carbon credit project information to Carbon Credit Trading Platform and made carbon credit deal on the 29th of Nov. (Project:Korea HFC-23 decomposition project,Issued carbon credit quantity:10,000ton-Co2 equivalent)

 From next year the 1st commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol will begin and with it, the concern for global warming issue is growing.Especially among many companies, they will consider contributing to global environment by using carbon credit, therefore, the carbon credit demand for small lot and spot will grow.
Marubeni has participated in Green House Gas emission reduction projects overseas, obtained emissions credit from its projects and has provided these to Japanese clients. Marubeni is empowering its function and organization in procurement/supply of emissions credit in order to take measures against the diversifying needs in the carbon credit market.

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