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Dallas / U.S.A.

Extremely exciting everyday - that's Dallas!

Daisuke Nishiyama / Marubeni Power International, Inc.

The city of Dallas comprises the largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States. Dallas has the stately air of a commercial and financial hub, with a Federal Reserve Bank in downtown, and with many companies expanding throughout the U.S. setting up headquarters here. But just fifteen minutes away by car, the scenery changes completely, surrounded by vast farms and meadows, with what appears to be a straight road cutting through a huge plantation belt to the ends of the earth. Tooling along through the plantation belt at over 110 kph (about 68 mph), you naturally find yourself switching the radio to a country song. Well all right—it’s clear that here in Dallas, after the business elites go home in their suits, they change their appearance and transform into good humored and straightforward cowboys.

The changes in climate are also extreme in Dallas. Summers are long, and then suddenly it’s winter. Day after day of temperatures over 40 degrees in summer followed by blizzards and days reaching 10 degrees below zero in winter. When it rains, it is always a thunderstorm. Sometimes, loud thunder shakes the earth, accompanied by huge hail about the size of tennis balls.

In spite of the weather like this, the one thing that never wavers throughout the year is the passion the people have for sports. The outcomes of the local team games dominate the conversations at lunchtime everyday. This year the Mavericks won a come from behind NBA championship victory, while the Major League Rangers, on the other hand, stole defeat from the jaws of victory after making it to the World Series and losing two years in a row. Delight and dejection—these too are extremes.

City and country; business suits and cowboy gear; heat waves and blizzards; delight and dejection. Dallas—where people gather to enjoy the incongruous extremes from the bottom of their heart—it is filled with an extreme excitement that is hard to imagine from the monotonous taste of the giant steaks that are the local specialty.

  • Downtown Dallas lined with buildings
  • A town where cowboys and riders gather just as in olden days

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