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Atlanta / U.S.A.

Southern hospitality in the great city of Atlanta

K. Tatsumi / Power Projects & Infrastructure Division

Atlanta is the capital city of the U.S. state of Georgia and one of the largest American cities. It also hosted the summer Olympic Games in 1996. I think most people have heard of Atlanta before, but I doubt many have actually gone sightseeing there.

There are many diverse and famous tourist attractions outside of the city center. Among these are a soda museum where visitors can sample a range of products from different countries, a studio tour of a world-renowned news broadcaster, a Gone with the Wind museum and a tour of the author’s house, and a mountain boasting the world’s largest bas-relief.

Atlanta is blessed with rich greenery and the large estates in the upscale neighborhoods as well as the single houses in the suburbs look as though they have been hidden in the woods. All around town you will find public facilities such as baseball parks, soccer pitches, tennis courts, and children’s playgrounds. Everything is built in harmony with nature here; there are places apart from golf courses where anyone can easily take in the natural environment.

The summers are hot here, and with successive days exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, the city also goes by the name Hotlanta. Winters are comparatively mild and snowfall is rare (once a few centimeters of snow falls the city is thrown into chaos…) The change in temperature between morning and night is dramatic, so fall is the best time to come to enjoy watching the changing colors.

From higher ground you can possess a commanding view of the majestic landscape, but since the land is sometimes threatened by the forces of nature, you need to listen out for warnings on not only hurricanes and tornadoes, but thunderstorms and other erratic weather too. Also, while the crime rate has declined in Atlanta, the city still ranks highly across the country. A state law, also known as the “guns everywhere” law, was recently passed and widely allows permit holders to carry guns in places ranging from schools to churches. There are also towns in which laws have been passed which require all households to possess a firearm. You must not forget that this is a gun society where people protect themselves.

That being said, there are many people in Atlanta who are friendly and kind to strangers. Here you can appreciate so-called “Southern hospitality” — two words that express the temperament of people from the American South. If you ever happen to come to the American continent, please do visit Atlanta while you’re here.

Marubeni Group magazine "M-SPIRIT" VOL.84 (November, 2014)

  • Stone Mountain boasts the world’s largest bas-relief
  • The fall colors along the highway and the crystal clear sky contrast beautifully
  • An urban park

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