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Perth / Australia

Wildflower front moving toward the south - Perth -

Atsushi Egawa/ Marubeni Australia Ltd. Perth Branch

Perth is the state capital of the vast expanse known as Western Australia, which occupies a third of the Australian continent. It is a nucleus city with a population of 1.4 million, making it the fourth largest in Australia. As Ms. Kaoru Kanetaka, the travel journalist once said, “Perth is the most beautiful city in the world,” where the abundant and natural environment exquisitely harmonizes with urban sensibilities.

The central part of the city is home to many parks, including Kings Park, which features a vast expanse and beautiful lawns. A large river called the Swan River flows through the center of the city, and it is not uncommon to see a pelican or dolphin when you are jogging along the bank.

A fifteen-minute drive from the center city, you can see one of beautiful beaches studded along the crystal clear Indian Ocean. In particular, the sunset course that runs to the north from Fremantle, a neighboring city is the best driving course in the evening.

Western Australia is also known for its mild Mediterranean climate and outstanding weather, with the annual average number of daylight hours being eight hours a day. The state is famous around the world as a wine-producing region, of which Margaret River is the most famous. You can visit this town simply by driving south from Perth for about three hours. Western Australia also has extensive mineral resources, including iron ore, and has experienced rapid economic growth due to the sharp hikes in international prices of commodities. The capital, Perth, has benefited as well, and has become the most prosperous part of Australia.

Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, and the wet wintry season peaks in September. October then brings with it the full blooms of Jacaranda. Wildflowers bloom, spreading toward the south to herald the coming of spring. (The direction is opposite to that of the front of Japanese cherry blossoms, which move toward the north.) Aussies are born lovers of outdoor activities, so that when spring comes, they go out to the park or the beach early in the morning on the weekends to enjoy sports. They bring their favorite wine, cheese, and olives and enjoy themselves in the company of their families until after the sun has set using a free barbecue (called a “barbie”) installed in many locations in the park, thanks to the wonderful initiative of Perth city. There is a simple but perfect Aussie life in beautiful Perth—why don’t you come and join us?

Marubeni Group magazine "M-SPIRIT" VOL.42 (November, 2007)

  • The central part of Perth viewed from Kings Park
  • Carpet of wildflowers blooming by the roadside
  • You can often see pelicans and black swans on the ponds in the city
  • The Indian Ocean viewed from a beach in Perth is boundlessly blue

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