Shareholder FAQs


Company Profile

Q1. When was Marubeni incorporated?
A. Marubeni was founded in May 1858, and incorporated on December 1st 1949.
Q2. When was Marubeni listed?
A. Marubeni was listed on July 11th 1950 at Tokyo exchange.
Q3. How many employees does Marubeni have?
A. Please refer to Company Profile.
Q4. How many overseas offices does Marubeni have?
A. Please refer to Company Profile.
Q5. How much is Marubeni's paid-in capital?
A. Please refer to Company Profile.
Q6. What is Marubeni's rating?
A. Please refer to Credit Ratings.


Q7. When is Marubeni's financial reporting date?
A. Marubeni's fiscal year is from April 1st to March 31st in the next year.
Announcements of results are scheduled as below.
1st Quarter (April-June) Late July - early August
2nd Quarter (July-September) Late October - early November
3rd Quarter (October-December) Late January - early February
Year end (April-March) Late April - early May

For a more detailed schedule, please refer to the IR Calender.
*We regularly release our quarterly results, beginning from 1st quarter FY2001.

Q8. How can I obtain Marubeni's financial reports?
A. Please refer to Earnings Release & Financial Information.
Q9. How can I obtain Marubeni's integrated reports/annual reports?
A. You can download them from Integrated Report/Annual Report.

Stock Information

Q10. Where shall I contact about stock transactions inquiry?
Q11. Who is Marubeni's transfer agent?
A. Please contact: Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
Q12. What is Marubeni's security code?
A. It is 8002.
Q13. Does Marubeni issue dividends?
A. Please refer to Dividends/Stock Administrations.
Q14. Does Marubeni issue any periodicals for shareholders?
A. Click here to view our Shareholders' guide “Marubeni”.
Q15. In which stock exchange is Marubeni listed?
A. We are listed in Tokyo and Nagoya.
Q16. How can I obtain Marubeni's stock price information?
A. Please refer to Stock Price.
Q17. How many shares are outstanding?
A. As of March 31, 2017, there were 1,737,940,900 shares outstanding. (All common shares)
Q18. Who are Marubeni's major stockholders?
A. Please refer to Ownership Statistics.

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