Business Portfolio

Marubeni's Business Organization

Wide range of business with 18 divisions in five groups.

5 Groups 18 Divisions Major Businesses
Food &
Consumer Products
Grain Importing, exporting, and sales businesses for crops. Production and processing for feed mixtures.
Food Products Importing, exporting, and sales businesses for livestock products, fishery commodities, and processed food products. Production, processing, and distribution & retail businesses for livestock products and fishery commodities.
Lifestyle Distribution of clothes, shoes, sundry goods, materials of fiber/rubber, and rubber products.
ICT, Logistics & Healthcare Mobile solutions, logistics, and health care & medical businesses.
Insurance, Finance & Real Estate Business Insurance, fund, asset management, condominium sales in metropolitan area, and overseas real estate businesses.
Chemical &
Forest Products
Agri-Input Business Production and sales of agri-inputs (crop protection products, fertilizer and seeds) and other related service, trading of fertilizer raw materials.
Chemical Products Trading and investment for petrochemicals, inorganic mineral resources, and specialty chemicals including electronic materials and functional chemicals.
Forest Products Distribution of wood chip, pulp, paper & paperboard, and housing & construction materials.
Energy & Metals Energy-I Resource exploration and production, trading, and retail of oil and gas, etc.
Steel Products Production, processing, and sale of iron and steel products.
Metals & Mineral Resources Development and trading of natural resources, mainly including iron ores, coal, copper, and aluminum. Production, processing, and sale of non-ferrous light metal products.
Power Projects & Plant Power Projects Development, investment, and management pertaining to power generation businesses in Japan amd overseas. Delivery and contract installation/construction of equipment related to power generation/transmission/transformation facilities.
Energy & Environment Infrastructure Businesses for oil and gas infrastrucuture and water supply & sewerage, and seawater desalination. EPC businesses in these fields.
Plant Construction and management businesses for industrial plants and transportation & infrastructure systems.
Transportation & Industrial Machinery Aerospace & Ship Importing, exporting, and sales businesses for aerospace defense systems equipment. Ship construction and chartered ship agent & possession, and operation businesses.
Automotive & Leasing Importing, exporting, and sales businesses for automobiles. Finance/lease businesses.
Construction & Industrial Machinery Importing, exporting, and sales businesses for facility machinery, construction machinery, agriculture machinery, and environmental & industrial machinery.

Non-resource Ratio (Net Income)

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